Making Memories by Jasmine Boucher

It was nearing the end of hunting season, the roads not as busy as they had been. The country was starting to go back to normal… peaceful. It was time to start trapping! So off we went trying to beat a trail, put a few sets and enjoy the day that otherwise would have been spent at school. I have to say that spending a day in the snow is better than spending the day at a desk. I suppose that the teachers will have to get used to it… first missing school for hunting season, then for trapping season… what’s next?

The first few days after getting the sets up we were out there every day seeing if we had caught anything. It was a Friday off and I was home on my own. Nearing mid-day I made my mind up that I was going to go skating – or more so try to clear some snow off the ice so I could skate. After spending a fair bit of time on the “fresh” ice I decided to head it back. On my way back I was debating whether or not I should check the line – I mean we checked it yesterday and my mom’s more of the outdoorsmen but what the heck I might as well. Heading through the now slightly packed snow, drift by drift getting closer, with three more sets left to check my hands were starting to get frosty. Pulling around the corner I began reducing my speed and, down shifting the quad then finally turning off the engine. No noise… silence, all you could hear was the slight breeze whispering by. Looking around at the surroundings I saw frosty trees, the crisp blue sky and, the new tracks in the fresh snow. Down the snowy hill, through the spruce trees, I stopped… looked… and ran the last few paces. It was our first marten of the year! I was so excited I nearly forgot to get it. With the critter being frozen solid there was no way I was going to get him out of the trap. So I grabbed ‘im checked the last two sets and headed on home. I couldn’t wait till my mom got home so I could show her.  A few hours passed and she showed up… I sent her to see what was in the corner and all the way there she was saying “WHAT could possibly be in the corner that I so need to see?”When she finally saw it her expression totally changed she was so excited it seemed she had just won a million dollar lottery! The smile on her face had definitely made the trip worthwhile.

The following day mom and I went out; low and behold there was another little guy in a different set. That glitter came back into her eyes and her smile got bigger. Our second one within twenty-four hours! Now the easy part was done and the work started. A couple hours left in the evening with both a marten to skin and homework to do it was definitely obvious which was more important… so I got out my handy little knife and started to work.

What I learned from this is that when you spend eight hours a day, five days a week and, ten months a year for twelve years in the same place you are not going to remember every single part of that it. But if you take a day off and do something you enjoy you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

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