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An Easy Tea Pail

I never used to stop for anything and most days I still don’t stop to eat or have a drink. But on some days a little break and a hot drink can make a big difference. I seldom bring a … Continue reading

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Moment of Terror by Robert Stitt

It is often the case that our moments of greatest fear occur without warning then pass within seconds to leave us shaking our heads in wonder at how we survived the ordeal. I had this experience last October while on … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Visitors by Robert Stitt

Sept. 23 – It has been seven days now since arriving at my recently acquired trap line in a remote area of the southeast Yukon. So far, all has gone well and I have accomplished a great deal. At approximately 8 p.m., … Continue reading

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First Coyote by AJ Callbeck

It was shortly after I had taken the trapping course and I was already out setting coyote snares. I only had about a half dozen snares to my name at the time but I figured they weren’t gunna catch anything lying on the desk in my room. I’d only ever seen a few snares set during the trapping course and I was trying to remember just how it was done. Continue reading

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And a Tom Lynx in a Spruce Tree by AJ Callbeck

As I pull up to the next cubby on my snow machine I’m really hoping I have a lynx waiting for me. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary, I usually have that feeling of anticipation and excitement whenever I pull up to a set but in this case the excitement was even greater. I’d been trapping several traplines that are all more or less within snowmobiling distance of each other for almost two months at this point. Continue reading

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Making Memories by Jasmine Boucher

It was nearing the end of hunting season, the roads not as busy as they had been. The country was starting to go back to normal… peaceful. It was time to start trapping! So off we went trying to beat a trail, put a few sets and enjoy the day that otherwise would have been spent at school. Continue reading

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