Trapper Gord

gordyHe has donated large amounts of time, money and effort to secure trapping and hunting as a way of life for future generations. It seems certain without his work and the work of others the opportunity for future generations to enjoy these amazing nature resources is in jeopardy.

Trapping is a viable, necessary and sustainable activity in Canada and many other parts of the world. Trappers have the training and skills to help manage animal populations using safe, effective tactics while providing the added benefit of utilizing the fur of the animal. One sad fact is when animal control is done using methods other than trappers the fur is often wasted.

Gordy has actively trapped throughout his life gathering a wealth of experience on trapping and furbearers. This experience combined with a desire to continually improve habitat and trapping methods have allowed him great success as a trapper. In recent years he has gained particular recognition with his methods and skills used for the management of wolf populations.

To further share his expertise as a trapper and his love of the wilderness Gordy (Trapper Gord) started the Trapper Gord Wilderness College. With the support of his wife Alison, also an accomplished hunter and trapper, as well as many other animal management specialists they offer a range of courses from wolf snaring to fur handling and traditional crafts.